The factors that determine the sales each advert gets

Use this approach and you are bound to receive more orders from teachers than with any other method

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For an advert to be really successful you need to use this approach

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How to write adverts that make customers feel better has a simple aim: to generate more sales and more enquiries for our clients than can be achieved by any other marketing company or any other approach.

In doing this we go far beyond the traditional basic service of sending out emails.  We look at the number of people who read your email, the number who click through to your web site, and the number who then buy or request more information from you.

And then we work to increase each of those numbers.  More readers, more click throughs, more requests for information, more sales.

In short, we use the unique advantages of email and website advertising to see which part of the chain of events needs tweaking, or indeed completely changing, in order to produce not just more orders but more repeat orders in the future.

At the same time, we are asked to, we work to ensure that more and more people find your web site through searches using Google or Bing.

You will find more information on our services in the articles on this site including…

The 4 factors…
The four major elements in the approach of to selling to schools, which generate better results.

Services: the way we work which allows you to focus on your customers.

The free review: our team creates hundreds of email advertisements a year. If you would like us to look over your email and give a report on how we think it might be changed in order to get more sales, we will do that free of charge.

How much does it cost?: the details of our services.

Making a difference: there are just three factors that you need to get right in order to gain more sales from each email. Here they are.

But if you advertisement does not work as well as you wish, then putting it to rights is simple. Here’s how.

More about email marketing: everything else not covered in the articles above.

And if you want to read many more thoughts and ideas on marketing to schools then you will really enjoy our blog with all multiple articles on marketing to schools.

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