More about email marketing

The team have been involved in email marketing to schools since the idea of promoting to teachers by email emerged at the end of the last century.

However unlike most teams that are engaged in creating advertising aimed at teachers and school managers via email (or indeed other media) we also create advertising for products and services produced by and its related companies.

As a result we are in touch constantly with the response rates our advertisements achieve, and thus endlessly tweaking and amending these advertisements in order to generate higher levels of response.

We are also, through this means, able to explore the effectiveness not only of the email advertisements but also the web pages that interested teachers are directed to.

For example, as part of its work, runs The Dyscalculia Centre – an organisation that undertakes online testing for dyscalculia (the maths form of dyslexia) and provides materials, information and advice to those with dyscalculia, parents of dyscalculic children, and teachers who are concerned about dyscalculic children in their classes.

While obviously the central aim of the Dyscalculia Centre is to produce materials, provide advice, and sell its products, the ownership of this service allows to explore new methods of advertising and promotion in order to gauge response rates.

Elsewhere the company operates several large scale blogs which operate outside of the arena of education, again allowing us to explore how blogs of different types can work in order to get significant audiences. At the same time we can do this without being rivals to any of our clients who are selling into schools.

It is this ability to explore and experiment in advertising and promotions that marks out from other companies. We are not working with theories alone, nor are we simply repeating the everyday approach of other firms. We are constantly engaged in research as we explore new and different ways of effective advertising to teachers.

If you would like to know more please do contact 01604 880 927 or email