The two factors and the free email

There are two factors that affect the you get from your emails… and you may have forgotten one of them.

When selling to schools your prime need is most likely to be to get your advertisement to the right person in each school.  

But there is a vital second vital issue beyond this– and if this is forgotten, then the results of your email campaign can be lower than you might hope for.

This factor is the benefit that your product or service will bring to the school, the teacher and the pupils or students.  For if you choose not to focus on that, but just focus on the features of what you sell, the results may be disappointing.

Indeed, where an advertisement overtly states the benefit the teacher, the school, the students etc will get from the product or service, response rates will rise.    

So instead of the teacher thinking, in response to your advert, “I’ve already got a literacy course” (or periodic table chart, or whatever) the teacher now thinks: yes this approach could be better than the resources I have.  I’ll have a look… I’ll give it a try…

But you have to spell this benefit out – which is what most advertisements don’t do. So if you would like to run your advertisement by me first, I’ll be happy to help add the benefit.

Better still, if you then adopt the suggestions my team and I can make and the results don’t improve, we’ll give you an extra email advertisement free of charge, which of course you can write in your own way, if you wish. 

Now as you can imagine, we make that offer in the knowledge that our team, which works on writing advertising to teachers on a daily basis, tends to get really good results from their advertising.  So the number of adverts we write that don’t increase sales is tiny.

To book in either a single email, or a series of emails at a discount (to the same or to different heads of department) please call 01604 880 927 or email   If you want us to then offer our thoughts on the advert before it goes out, just ask. 

Tony Attwood

PS: Meanwhile, if you are looking for ideas in terms of how to write advertisements in different ways, do have a look at one or two of the articles on our website.

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