What is it that teachers love when it comes to classroom materials?


What is that something extra that teachers love, when it comes to new materials that can be used in the classroom?

In a survey reported by the Teacher Toolkit website it was found that British people ranked teachers in both primary and secondary schools considerably more highly than respondents in any other major European country. 

Unfortunately however, many teachers in the UK feel undervalued by parents. But this disparity of views is something that can be utilised to help generate extra sales into schools.

The way this is done is by offering, alongside your product or service, a web page that can be put on line about the subject or topic that your product deals with.

For example, if you have a book on the Industrial Revolution that you are selling to teachers, you could also offer a web page aimed at parents which explains what the Industrial Revolution was, when it happened, why it happened and why it was important.

And you can suggest the teacher might have this put on the school website, with an email sent to parents saying, “We are studying the industrial revolution this term.  If you’d like to know a little more about what your son or daughter is studying we have a brief summary on our website…

Thus nothing is being sold to parents, but the school might be encouraged to buy your materials by the fact that they include this note which can be put on the website.   

In this way parents can find it easier to engage with their children about what they are studying at school, especially where the piece is written in everyday language aimed at the parent who knows little about the topic in question.

This inevitably leads to more engagement by the parents, which always helps, while encouraging the school to continue buying products that come with information they can put on their web site, telling parents what is being studied in a particular subject.

There is no pressure on the school to utilise your “Information for Parents” article –and there is no suggestion that parents should be teaching the child themselves – it is simply a way of saying “this is a topic we are looking at, at the moment”.

As for your advertising, all you have to do is say that what you are selling comes with some notes for parents which can be offered to the school free of charge so the school can place it on the website if the teacher so wishes.  

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Tony Attwood

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