What makes teachers buy?

What are the two factors that influence teachers when they are wondering if they should place an order?

Consider the situation in which a neighbour you hardly know asks for a favour — such as asking for a helping hand in moving something that is well within your capabilities.

What might that neighbour say to you that would influence your decision to say “yes?”

One issue might be how long the task is going to take – so “it will just take five minutes” is more likely to get acceptance than a job moving furniture which could take an hour.

Another issue that will affect your response is whether you feel that this could be the thin end of the wedge – that agreement to help this time, could mean that the neighbour will be endlessly popping around asking for more help.

So, an assurance that this is a one-off can again help persuade you to agree to help.

Interestingly, when a teacher sees an advertisement, similar thoughts go through the teacher’s mind – even though you are asking the teacher to buy, rather than help out.

The teacher wants to know how long it will take to install or set up or prepare whatever it is you are selling.  So, if you can assure the teacher that everything will be ready in five minutes and it is all very simple to prepare, so much the better.

Unfortunately, what actually happens in many advertisements is that instead of stressing simple benefits like these, most education adverts talk about the features of the product.

But when you attract attention and extoll benefits with your email advert and leave the features for the webpage, the response rates always go up.

Now one of the great benefits of using the 4-email service is that if you find that your email does not deliver the hits on your web page you expected, or the web page views do not lead to sales, we will undertake a free analysis, and tell you why.

And we’ll even make suggestions on re-writing whatever part of your advertising appears to be underperforming.

Four emails to primary schools, sent to the teachers you wish to reach, sent out when you want, cost £289 (£72.25 each).

Four emails to secondary schools, again to the teachers you want to reach, when you want to reach them, cost £215 (£53.75 each).

There is more information on our website and you can call us on 01536 747 861 or email

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