The four factors…

There are four major elements to our work which we believe are not matched anywhere else.

1: Free information, free guidance and free advice

You don’t have to be a customer of to benefit from our 35 years of knowledge of selling into schools.  Simply call us on 01604 880 927 or email and we’ll look at what you are wanting to do.

Then give you our thoughts on how you can maximise the number of sales or enquiries that you get in response to your promotion by making small changes to what you are doing.

2.  How do we know what works?

The number of enquiries and sales you get is influenced by four factors.   The way you write and design your promotional emails, to whom you promote, when your promotions are sent out, and what you say on the web page to which you send your potential customers for more information.

When we are asked to look at a promotion our task is simple.  We look at how your promotion deals with those four factors, and then we tell you our views.

We’ll even put the report in writing, and best of all we won’t charge you a penny.

To take advantage of our free service you can either call us on 01604 880 927 for an opening discussion or, if you would like us to look at your website or email before we give your our thoughts, email with a copy of a recent advertisement you have sent out, or indeed one you have just written.

There is no charge for this advice, because we know that if we can deliver more sales to you for each promotion you send out, you’ll always return to

After receiving our free advice, you are of course free to use it yourself, discard it or indeed turn to to put the ideas into practice.

And the reason why most people do indeed ask us to work with them is that we have six different service platforms, ranging from one in which our customers only pay according to results, to one in which we undertake everything from research and analysis to sending out the emails and analysing the results.

There are more details on our individual services here…

3: Our fundamental vision: each email brings forth more valuable information

Every promotion you undertake provides a vast array of data – whether you get hundreds of orders or a disappointingly small number.

Of course, we know that if a promotion works the temptation is to run the email again.  If it doesn’t the temptation is to walk away and do something else. 

But equally, most of the time a more fulsome analysis of what happens with each promotion brings forth more insights.  We may ask how tweaking one or two individual issues can dramatically improve the level of sales you get.  Or we may want to find out exactly what the mindset is of teachers who are not responding.

Through such research we can find out where people stopped reading.  And from this we can suggest exactly what can be done to encourage more thought about your offer.  Indeed we can often recommend what appear to be very subtle changes which can improve your results dramatically. 

4: A unique guarantee of results

Incorporated into many of our services is a unique guarantee.  If you don’t get the level of sales that you can reasonably expect from your advertising, we’ll work with you to change your advertising, to improve the sales rate.  And we’ll do that for free.