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When you buy into our 4-Email programme this term, you’ll get a fifth email free – and that’s not all…

Yes, just for the 2024 spring school term – when you buy a new 4-Email programme for schools, we will give you a fifth email free of charge.   An email that comes with a bonus.  

After your first email is sent out, we’ll take a look at the number of teachers that opened the email, and then clicked onto your website.  Then we’ll write a new email for you, advertising the same product or service as before, and send that out.

That writing, along with the cost of sending out that fifth email, is included in the cost of just £249 for secondary schools and £319 for primary schools (+VAT of course).

Which means that for the remainder of your series of emails, you’ll have the choice of using your original email, the email that we have written and tested for you, or any other email you wish to write.  And you’ll be able to see which version brings in more enquiries.

So, you get your four emails, as normal, plus one extra email written by ourselves, promoting the same product or service as in your first email.  Then if you get a better response rate from our email, you can, if you wish, carry on using our copy.  And there is nothing to pay either for the extra email, or for our writing this copy.

Now you may ask, why are we doing this?  Simply, we’ve been writing and despatching promotions to schools for over 30 years and we’ve gathered a lot of information about how to raise response rates.   We want to show you this in practice and at no risk to you.

But there will be a limit on the number of customers for whom we can make this offer, since writing new copy does take time.  Therefore, there is every chance that we will have to call a halt on this promotion quite quickly, so if you want to take advantage, I’d suggest booking sooner rather than later.

Once we have accepted your booking, we’ll write our version and let you see it for approval, and then send it out on a date agreed with you.  Thereafter you can use our copy again, or carry on using your own.

For more information, please call 01604 880 927 or email   There is also more about our email marketing services on our website.

Tony Attwood


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