Our services range from those in which we supply you with a database of schools so you can write your emails and send them to teachers yourself, to services in which we write the promotions, send them out, analyse the response, and then suggest what changes are needed to get more sales. 

We also undertake research among teachers in order to better understand their attitudes towards certain issues, thus enabling us to write ever more effective promotions.

Thus you can choose the approach you want, from you undertaking all the work, to one in which we suggest where there are opportunities to enhance your sales via writing to teachers in a different way.  

And part way through if you wish to change which of our services you are using, that is not a problem. Whichever approach you choose, we will give your campaign our most fulsome attention and be available to help you see exactly which changes are likely to bring in more sales.

Our services have been built out of our customers’ needs.  If you think that we don’t have a service that is right for you, please let us know what you are seeking to do, and we’ll certainly look to see if we can help.

Here is a very quick summary of our main services.

1. We supply the email list, and you send it out.

2. You supply us with your advert and we’ll send it to the teachers of your choice.  This can be a single email, or (for a significant discount) a series of four or six emails.  After each email we give you a detailed analysis of what happened in terms of how many teachers visited your website after reading the email, and therefore what you should do next.

3. Have our creative team plan your campaign, while our researchers look into exactly how teachers are responding to the issue that is central to your product or service.  Then we write your emails, and have our response team analyse the results and recommend ways of moving forward after each email.

4. Have our SEO team develop your website so that it both comes higher on the rankings on a Google search and then persuades the teacher to buy from you.

If you would like to know more simply call 01604 880 927 or email