Advertising to teachers at this unique moment in our schools’ history

What is the most effective way of advertising to teachers at this unique moment in our schools’ history?

Schools often face difficulties, but I don’t think there has been a time quite like this with pupil numbers rising and teacher numbers declining, and hence money sitting in bank accounts.

Of course how you respond to this situation in your advertising is very much a matter for you, although if asked, my answer is, don’t mention the current situation.  You might want to keep it in mind as you write your advertisement, but don’t overplay the moment.

Both my experience as a teacher, and my conversations with those still in the profession, lead me to the conclusion that the best way to offer any product or service to schools is to suggest that one’s product or service has benefits and as a result will help the teacher.

Of course. this doesn’t mean that one should be sending out the same message over and over again.   Instead one needs a series of different advertisements in order to keep the sales flowing in – and fortunately there is a way of doing this which is quite easy to arrange.

In an advertisement to teachers, it is the subject line, headline, opening sentence and last sentence that people look at most.  The bit in-between, which mostly explains what you are talking about and why it will benefit the teacher, can be re-used.  Perhaps not word for word, but the theme can be re-worked.

If you want to book in a series of emails (our 4 email programme offers you emails to secondary schools at £62.25 for each run for example) you can set that up now, to make sure you get the delivery slot you want in January.

Then you can start writing.  And if by any chance you want a second opinion, you can forward the copy to for my comments.

And the reason you can do this, is that we know from past experience that we will be getting a number of orders in at the Dyscalculia Centre over Christmas and New Year, because we’ve done this sort of promotion before, ourselves. 

We will be answering emails until 22 December, so if you have any enquiries or wish to book in an email campaign please do email  or call 01604 880 927.   We’ll be back, keen as ever, on 3 January 2023.


Tony Attwood

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