Selling to schools with staff shortagees…


We hear a lot about schools having staff shortages.

But what does that mean when you are selling to schools?

We are now in the period when Academies are spending the last of their finances for the year, while local authority schools now have access to their finances for the next 12 months. However, this year is seeing quite a change in the way the money is being spent.

For as government figures show, teacher recruitment, which has been declining for five years, has now been hit again, as in 2022 only 71% of the teacher training places were filled, with ever more teachers leaving teaching to work for higher salaries elsewhere.

As a result, many GCSE students are in schools where there is no specialist teacher available to cover the syllabus in some subjects.  Some are being taught in lecture groups, others by non-specialists, others simply being given worksheets.

Of course this is not a situation that affects every school but even some schools is attractive areas have recruitment problems because of the rising cost of housing.  If teachers can’t afford a house in the school’s area, they won’t take up any offer of a job.

To give one example of the crisis, in physics the figure is over one half of lessons are being taught by non-specialist.   In foreign languages over a quarter suffer this fate, and it is getting worse in other subjects too.

Which is why any products or services that can help non-specialist teachers and parents are much sought after at the moment. 

If you would like to experiment with your advertising we are offering an extra mailing on our four email programme, for free, as long as at least one mailing takes place before 15 September.  The remaining emails can then be taken at any time, and of course can be aimed at any teacher you choose.

The price for the four mailings on dates you choose, plus the extra free mailing before 15 September is £319 to primary schools or £249 if the mailings go to secondary schools. 

To take advantage of this offer please call 01604 880 927 or email  or for further information see our website.

Tony Attwood


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