Creativity is good for you…


And what’s more creativity is very good for your advertising

Creativity really is surprisingly good for you.  For most people engaged in regular creative work it significantly reduces signs of stress and usually leads to new insights and greater productivity and positivity in all aspects of life. 

Plus of course when you are thinking about advertising your business, coming up with a new way of promoting what you sell will normally increase sales.

And yet many people argue that they can’t go down the route of writing their own advertisements because are “not particularly creative” or that they “don’t have the time” to consider such matters.

Of course, that is fine, because has its own team of writers, and if you are a regular customer, we can help you promote your business through our email programme.

However, if you can create the advertisements yourself, you may well find that through engaging in the creative process, everything improves.  Sales go up, life feels better, relationships are enhanced, self-esteem rises…

Now I know that it is sometimes argued that there are “creative people,” but that “I’m not one of them.” But research suggests that this is not the case.  For in most cases, the prime difference between creative and non-creative people is that creative people are used to being creative, and so the process comes more easily.

But for those people who do feel themselves to be non-creative the best way to start is simply to tell oneself to try and “be creative,” and see what comes out.    Indeed, there can be a real benefit from this sort of experimentation, in that repeated psychological studies have shown that engaging in creative activities invariably helps one’s mental well-being and balance.

However, there is also a lingering suggestion in our society that highly creative people are also often “completely bonkers”.  The image of the mad genius lingers on, and yet it is generally completely false.  Almost everyone can come up with new, novel and often extremely worthwhile ideas – not just those who are slightly crazy.

What doesn’t work, however, is staring at a piece of paper or a computer screen, waiting for ideas to come.   If you are not used to coming up with new ideas for advertising your company, or indeed anything else, then a blank piece or paper or blank computer screen can seem to be rather daunting.

If you find yourself in such a situation, one solution is to write to with details of what you are selling, or indeed a copy of a recent advertisement, and ask us how we might approach promoting the product or service.  We can normally come back to you with an opening idea, within a day or two.

But, if you are looking for a new way to promote your company to schools, and you find the ideas won’t come at all, you can always email and we’ll offer some thoughts.  Indeed, if you are on our “4-Email programme”, we can help you write new copy.

However, do remember that many people do find that if they are not 100% convinced about their own advertisement, sending it to us for a written report on any changes that we think could be introduced, really can get the whole process moving. 

But whichever way you decide to go forward with the creative process there is no doubt that the 4-Email programme is normally the most cost effective way of selling into schools.

As for the creativity, if you really would like to be more creative than you are, be it in terms of writing advertisements or anything else, the best way forward is simply to do it.   Create something, be it a new design for some pottery or a new advertisement.   It doesn’t matter if you don’t like the result, just set it to one side and try again.

I write advertisements and articles five days a week, but I most certainly need to go back and modify each one.  Sometimes the modifications are tiny, sometimes it takes the first draft of an advertisement or an article for me to realise that I need to approach it from the opposite direction.

And if you do get stuck, do remember this benefit.  In writing anything at all, you have helped clarify your thinking, and reduced your stress levels a bit.  And there’s never anything wrong with that.

A four email campaign to primary schools, sent out on the dates you wish, will cost £319 plus VAT.   A similar campaign to secondary schools costs £249.  If you would like to know more please do call 01604 880 927 or email

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