UK Education News ( is a free news service which reaches tens of thousands of teachers each week across the UK and is regularly promoted to teachers and school managers via email by

Most of the stories that appear on UK Education News come from mainstream news sources such as The Guardian, The Telegraph, BBC and so on, but we do also insert press releases from other sources – these are shown in the right hand column of the page as coming from “Schools News”.

Getting your story onto UK Education News

If you join one of the main education marketing services from you can also have your email placed as a news item in UK Education News – providing you supply the copy to us in text only form as a Word document.

The email adverts we send out which are text only automatically go onto UK Education News; for adverts with illustrations, we will normally need you to supply a text only copy.

If you are not advertising with us through one of our email services you can still have your email appear as a news item on the UK Education News website and on the blog for a small fee.

How the service works

The Schools News stories that appear on UK Education News are also placed on so that when a person clicks on the headline of a story on UK Education News which shows “Schools News” as its source, the reader goes to the full article on this site.  Articles are also stored in the relevant subject heading so that teachers can use the site as an archived resource.

Submitting a story to appear on “UK Education News” and “Schools News”

To have your news item appear on UK Education News, with the entry starting at the top of the page and then gradually moving down the screen over the next five or six days, and with  your full article remaining for a year on Schools News (and thus being available for Google searches as well as to teachers browsing through the subject files on the site), you need to send to us the text as you wish to it to appear along with a subject line at the top, as a Word file.

Please do not include any other comments or phrases such as “Ends” or “Please publish this” – only the text that you want to appear.   We are not able to accept pictures or illustrations for this service. 

The cost of inclusion on UK Education News and School News

For companies that advertise with us on any of our email to schools services (please click here for details of all these services) this service is free, providing we are given a text only copy of the advertisement.  

For organisations that are not advertising with us via email the charges are

For one story:       £35.00
For three stories appearing within one month:   £60.00
For six stories appearing within two months: £95.00


All prices are subject to VAT.

The text to be published must be received no later than three working days prior to the date on which you wish it to appear on UK Education News and Schools News for the first time.

Making a booking

Please send your booking, along with the text to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   If you have any enquiries please call 01604 880 927.