The “Four Month”, “Fast Track” and “Blast” discount marketing programmes are designed for companies that want their adverts to appear before teachers on a regular basis.

Campaigns can start at any time, and you can, if you wish, run several of these campaigns together.

The Four Month campaign involves our sending one email a month for four consecutive months on your behalf to a specific group of teachers (eg Head of Maths in secondary schools, or perhaps Deputy Heads in Primary schools, or any other group you choose).

The Fast Track campaign involves sending two emails a month on your behalf for two months.

Blast allows you to send out four adverts across a five week period.

Although each advert only goes to one specific group of teachers, this does not have to be the same group each time.  So you might, for example, have one advert sent to the Head of Special Needs, the next to the Headteacher and so on.  Likewise the adverts can each be in relation to a different product or service.

The exact date of transmission

If you are able to be flexible in terms of the date of transmission of your emails, you can get the lowest possible prices: £195 for four mailings to secondary schools, nursery schools or special schools, and £269 for primary schools, or a set of four mailings which include a mix of primary and secondary schools.

We guarantee not to send your email out during school holidays or at weekends.  

If however you wish to arrange for your emails to go out on specific dates this can be arranged in some cases for a small additional price making the totals £235 for four mailings to secondary schools, and £389 for four mailing to primary schools, or a mixture of primary and secondary schools.

Because we can only offer a limited number of mailings on each date the number of fixed date mailings we offer is limited, and it is always advisable to book your required date as far in advance as possible.

UK Education News

In addition to the emails that are sent out, each of these services also includes, at no extra cost, having the advertisement placed as a news story in UK Education News as well as on our Schools Blog, both of which normally generate a considerable number of additional viewings of your advertisement.

You will receive, after the end of each month (or in the case of Blast, at the end of the programme), a report on the number of people who have seen the advert.

Where we have worked on this type of campaign before we have found that most of our customers have gained very satisfactory sales levels.  But, in the unlikely event that you receive either a poor number of click throughs to your website or a good number of click throughs with a limited number of sales, we’ll offer a free consultation by phone or email in which we analyse what has happened and suggest exactly why, giving you pointers as to how matters could be improved very quickly with either no, or a very small, additional cost.

These adverts will all be written and prepared by yourselves.  Images can be included at an additional charge of £25 per image.  It may be possible to include a picture in the UK Education News story, depending on the format. HTML emails will be considered on request.

Because of the particular low cost of these campaigns we only have a limited number of slots starting each month, so it is always worth booking sooner rather than later.

The best way to find out more, if you are interested, is to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 01604 880 927.