Throughout the school year runs a number of special celebratory and informative weeks for teachers and managers.  Each Week is associated with a major activity in which schools can become involved, the publication of original research, the launch and maintenance of a website celebrating the Week, and a significant amount of publicity before and after the Week for the sponsor/s involved.

The exact details of each special School Week varies but, for example, in Special Needs Week we are encouraging Sencos to help their colleagues in the rest of the school to understand all the different special needs they work with, and what each one means.

The campaign around each Week is spread over nine months, with emails, articles in UK Education News, on social media, and on both the Week’s own website and other sites and blogs.

Companies may become the sole sponsor of a Week or may become joint sponsors.  A sole sponsor has its branding across the website and in all the advertisements and announcements sent out.  A joint sponsor has a full page of their own on the website, a listing as a sponsor on the home page (with a link to their own website), a chance to become involved in our research project, and coverage including a listing and link in each of four emails we will send to schools to promote the Week.

Additionally as a sponsor you will have two exclusive emails to schools written by yourselves and sent out by, which can advertise your product as well as mention your involvement in the Week.

Plus there will be at least four headline stories in the main news listing on UK Education News, and additionally full coverage of both of your individual news pieces that are being sent by email.

Members of our Velocity programme who are involved in the Week will be included as part of the programme without any extra cost.  For other companies the cost will be just £195 plus VAT for a joint sponsorship or £650 for a unique sponsorship.  Members of our Payment by Results programme can access the scheme at a discount.

If you have an interest in our special Weeks, or indeed would like to suggest one that you would be interested in being involved in, please do email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view or call 01604 880 927