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Enhancement is a digital marketing programme aimed at increasing the sales you receive from your promotions to teachers, designed entirely around your needs and your budget.

Every marketing and advertising programme contains a number of separate elements - the basic premise behind your product or service, the offer, the choice of people targeted, the way you perceive the needs of the people you target, the advertisement, the website, the price, the style of the promotion, the design of your promotions, and so on.

Obviously if orders and enquiries are pouring in day by day one tends not to think about the individual elements of any marketing campaign. 

But for most of us, at some time or other, the level of ordering will slip below the target we’ve set, and that is when analysis and action can be helpful. 

However this then of course raises the issue of what should be done.   Enhancement is a service that offers to undertake all the analyses that may be needed when sales are not what you hope and from these suggests (and if you wish, implements) the approach that will bring in the additional responses required.

Enhancement - for Free

You may also like to note that with Enhancement the first analysis is absolutely free and brings with it no obligation to continue using the Enhancement service from  You don’t have to sign up to the service or make an commitment.

What we look at, what we might find

The Enhancement Programme looks at every aspect of your promotion from the opening assumptions to the way you close the sale.  Below are just some of the areas that we can become involved in, if you so wish.

But please do note this is by no means a complete list of the activities involved in Enhancement - merely an indication of some of the more common areas of concern.

  • The style of email writing.  The common type of email advertisement is one that announces the product and promotes the selling company.   However this is not always the most effective approach - and there are several alternative ways of writing an email.  We can suggest other approaches, and if you wish, write these for you.
  • The email layout and design.  Should there be pictures?  Where should they be?  What should they show?  How much design should be utilised?  Generally speaking the “common sense” answers to these questions are not always right.
  • The webpage.  In many campaigns more customers are lost when they leave the email and visit the website, than anywhere else.  This is not to say we’d ever suggest a whole website needs reworking, but rather that the page to which you send your readers on leaving the email should have certain attributes, which are very easy to achieve.
  • What are teachers currently doing?  We often ask teachers their views and for details of their current approach, and construct campaigns around what they want, rather than what we think they want.
  • Variation.  An advertisement might work for some people but not others, so often it makes sense to have several different types of advertisement in order to gain the interest of different teachers, no matter what their attitude at the start.
  • Something for the teacher.  Offering something that is free, such as a report which can be sent by email can be extremely helpful - and very inexpensive.  It can, for example, help collect email addresses of interested teachers and allow you to engage with them before the sale.
  • What are your competitors doing?  Differentiating yourself from your competitors is always a good idea, so that teaches see what you offer as unique.
  • Checking the assumptions.  Assumptions are often right, of course, but just occasionally an assumption might be wrong - and where this happens the whole campaign can falter on a single belief.

Enhancement - the free trial

If you would like the Enhancement team to take a look at a promotion of yours, simply send us a copy of an email that you have sent out or one that you are thinking of sending out, and we will give you a brief report, focussing on a small number of changes that you could make in order to improve the sales you get from your advertising using that advertisement.

Enhancement - after the trial

The free trial will give you some insights into how your advertising and marketing can be developed in order to gain increased responses and increased sales.

After that if you wish to go ahead and make the changes or try out the ideas we suggest, you are perfectly free to do so, and at no time will there be any charge. 

However if you wish to use our services to take matters further we can certainly become involved and we will give you an exact price for the work that you request us to undertake.

Better still, you can not only select the work you want undertaken, when you want it, but you can stop and start the programme at any time to suit you.

If you would like to take matters further please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 01604 880 927.