Unique really does mean unique. And selling point means that people will buy the product because of this point. Being discounted does not make something unique, nor does being new, fun, or different because everyone claims that.

So the rule of procedure is simple: When you draw up your list of unique selling points, look at it and ask “is this really unique?”  And “is this actually a selling point?”

What happens in fact is that some people confuse USP with the description of their business or their product.  Saying, “we are a small family business” might be your selective selling point but it is not unique - and because it is not unique, its power as a selling point is diminished.  To make it a selling point you need to put forward a case as to why dealing with a small family business is of benefit to your potential customer.

Schools.co.uk claims that one of its unique selling points is that we combine unique approaches to data research and despatch with unique creative skills. As we sometimes say, “No one writes adverts like we do,” and indeed “No one offers all the ways of selling to schools that we do”.  The benefit is that we can generate higher response rates than other firms.

So do remember, next day delivery and guarantees normally are bonus points, not USPs. On the other hand offering a computer on a month’s free trial would probably be a USP.

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