Writing an email to teachers that will attract attention, and generate enquiries and sales

An example advertisement

On the links below you will find an example of an email written for mailing to schools and a commentary on why the style and approach is as it is.  These two files are written as Word documents so you can, if you wish, download the files into Word and manipulate the advert to reflect your advert.

Although this email obviously is written to sell one particular product, it is written in a style that has been proven time and time again to work both in emailing to schools and to business.  It is not a style you will see often in terms of advertising to schools because the approach is not common sense.  But it does work.

The style is called “conversational marketing”, as it aims to reproduce the way a good salesperson might speak to an interested visitor at a show.

It was written to be sent to Language Co-ordinators, Deputy Heads and Heads in primary schools.  The exact market, however, is incidental since the basic rules always apply.

But to understand the approach in full I would urge you to download and print out both Word files and follow the analysis, which is in the same format as the advert itself.

Click here to see a copy of the advert

Click here to see the commentary on the advertisement

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