To sell via the post you need three things. 

First you need a mailing list

This can be researched by yourself or bought in from an outside supplier.  

Second you need a warehouse and despatch system

There are significant discounts available with bulk postal mailings, first by using a Royal Mail account (rather than buying stamps or having a franking machine) and second by sorting the mail for Royal Mail and in return getting a sizeable discount.

You will also need a way of getting the items into envelopes - something that mailing fulfilment companies have.

Third you need a way of getting your post read

Most postal material is opened and glanced at, but most of it is then thrown away within moments.   But if you write in a particular way you are much more likely to get your material read.

Finally there is a variant system for postal mailings to schools known as a “shared mailing”

The average shared mailing costs around 20% of the solo mailing price.

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