What’s more, some school administrators pass on emails addressed generically to the school, while some don’t.  Some pass on postal mail, some don’t.

To cope with this market you need two things.  You need to know how to write adverts that will appeal both to the gatekeepers in schools (such as the administrators) as well as the final recipients, and you need to accommodate those potential customers who don’t read emails but tend to search elsewhere for information.

In simple terms if you only use one medium to reach teachers and managers in schools you will find that quite a few people in your target audience won’t see your advert at all.

Schools.co.uk is always happy to advise on how adverts can be constructed to get the most sales.  We will also work with you on one medium alone or across multiple media, and in many cases we can do this without any extra charge.


Selling via email

Selling via the post

Selling via social media and PR

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