When you undertake an email with Schools.co.uk you will receive a detailed analysis of what happened in terms of how many people saw the email, and how many people linked through to the website.  

Then if sales have been poor we can work out exactly where the problem is, and work with you to put it right.  This is all part of our service.

A sample report can be viewed here.

Additionally, if you want to know more about specifics in terms of schooling and the schools market you can ask us and we’ll try and get you the answers – without any cost.

For example we have been asked recently questions such as Which schools have the most migrant children, and what are the key factors concerning school IT purchases.

Sometimes we already know the answers, and sometimes not.  Where we don’t know we try and find out.

They are, however, not the typical questions we get asked, simply because there are no typical questions.  We might also be asked to separate schools according to the affluence of the area they serve.  Or we can be required to find out how teachers prefer to introduce one particular subject or topic as part of their teaching of the National Curriculum.

Such information is invaluable because the more you know about the way schools and teachers are responding to issues that are of concern to you, the better you can focus your advertising.

To give an example: you can readily find out which subjects and topics are taught in schools in England, because they are in the National Curriculum.  But that doesn’t tell you how schools are handling these topics.  How are new topics introduced?  Do heads of department and subject teachers feel the same way about these topics?  What resources do they use?  What resources do they feel they are missing?

Obviously much of the research and analysis we do is undertaken specifically for individual clients, and therefore the results are only released to that client and that of course gives them the market advantage.  But if you would like to get an idea for one way in which we work you might care to take a look at a report on the survey we did in terms of special needs in primary schools. 

Of course, some of our research is much more specific than this.  One client with whom we worked wanted to know why their literacy program for seven to eight year old boys who were reluctant readers was not getting any sales.  One research questionnaire revealed that it was just one specific sentence in their advertisements that was putting teachers off!

In another case one of our clients believed that specific school purchases were only made during one small part of the school year.  We were able to show that while for some schools this was so, for many more the purchases were made at different times of year.  Thus by restricting his advertising to one period only, our client was failing to connect with the majority of schools.

In undertaking this work the Schools.co.uk team undertakes research and analysis in two forms.

On the one hand we analyse existing information as provided by the schools themselves, as well as by academy chains, local authorities and the governments of the constituent parts of the UK.

On the other we conduct our own surveys and research projects which are designed around the specific requests and needs of our clients.

Some of our customers like to work with us on a project-by-project basis while some ask us to gather data and do research as part of their work through the Velocity programme.

In fact, how the work is undertaken and arranged is very much up to you.  We’ll always make suggestions, but the direction is always evolved in co-operation with our customers.

If you would like to know more please do call Schools.co.uk on 01604 880 927 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.