In terms of the way an advert can be presented to teachers there are six different ways of direct selling to schools.  One approach works poorly, several work quite well, and one works particularly well (but is very rarely used).

These six ways of selling are

  1. By announcing what you have, sometimes stressing the features
  2. By focussing on price
  3. By offering something free
  4. By focussing on benefits
  5. By asking an interesting open question that might genuinely interest the reader
  6. By being quirky, funny or odd.

The interesting thing about this list is that it is written in order of the most common in terms of use.  Most adverts that you see are announcements with the retailer saying, “I have this for sale.”   The least common adverts are the humorous variety.

But the list is also a guide as to what is the most effective way of advertising, when the adverts are written by someone who has some experience in writing advertising.  Because the least effective method is now at the top (announcing) and the most effective method is at the bottom (being quirky).