In order to prove to you exactly how many teachers we can send to your website and how many will buy from you,, uniquely among direct marketing companies, will offer you the first advert campaign free of charge. 

Not only will we promote your advertisement to schools, but we will also track the number of teachers who read it and click through to your web page on a regular basis and give you that information. The service is available for advertisements to both primary and/or secondary schools, but for certain larger lists (such as primary heads) will be restricted in terms of the number of emails that go out.

What’s more, if at any time you feel you are not seeing a growth in sales commensurate with this growth in the number of people hitting your website (or indeed buying straight from your advert), we will then offer our thoughts on any changes you might want to make to your website, or indeed to your advert, for the future.

Indeed, if you wish, you can ask us to look at the advert and website first before we do anything else, and you can decide if you want to make any changes before you begin the free run. It is totally up to you.

In order to take up this totally free offer (and there really are no catches at all), all you have to do is send in an advert that you would like sent out to teachers. 

For the purpose of this free trial the advert needs to be text only (you can, of course, have as many illustrations as you wish on the web page to which you send the reader) and it needs to have a headline.

The advert can be as long or as short as you wish, but I would add that all our experience shows that with our form of advertising the headline is the key issue. A headline that intrigues (such as “What is the most effective way of raising all grade D music students to a C?”) gets a much higher readership, than an advert that simply says, “Widest selection of school furniture on offer.”

The advert can invite teachers to purchase at once or it can send them first to a web page. There can, however, only be one link to a web page on the advert.

Recent advertisements we have sent out in this way have generated anything between 50 and 300 visits to the web page where one is provided - the number mostly depending on what is being advertised.

If you want to place a free advert in this way, just send the advert as a Word file to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and supply your name, and the company name, address and phone number. We won’t ever phone you now or in the future unless we have a problem with the advert and need to resolve it before we can send it out.

 If you want our thoughts on how the advert looks and whether it might be improved, again send it to Stephen, but with a clear statement that you want to discuss it before it goes out.