If you are creating your own emails for Schools.co.uk to despatch, the following notes should help in relation to the formatting of the emails.  If you need further information please do call the number given below.

Text vs text and pictures

The notion that a picture is worth 10,000 words is not one that applies to emails, and many of the most successful emails sent to schools are in fact text only.  Indeed Schools.co.uk itself sells a number of its own products and services to schools (it is our way of ensuring that our systems can and do generate good incomes for our clients), and we have found the most successful way forward is for the most part via text only emails.

Supplying a text only email

If you are sending a text only email please send it as a Word document attached to an email.  Please name the document with your company name or the product name followed by a number.  For example UniversalSupplies1.docx 

We will transmit exactly the text you have supplied so please do remember to give us a subject line and (we strongly recommend) a headline. If for any reason you need any text or links in a specific colour please tell us the html code of the colour so that we can use the exact colour you require. If you would like to see how we write such emails there is an example of an advert we have written, along with a commentary on our website.

Supplying an illustration to fit into an email advert

If you wish to include an illustration please supply it as a jpg or png file. Please submit it in the size that you wish it to be displayed - a banner, for example, would generally be no more than 700px wide and an image to insert among text roughly 250px wide.  Please name the file with your company name and a number (eg SchoolAccounts1.jpg).  Please don’t call the file by the sort of name another company might use, such as File1, image1 or Ad1.

Supplying an HTML file

We can accept HTML files with in-line coding and with the images hosted.  However we do find that HMTL files created in Mailchimp can cause problems.  If you are using Mailchimp please allow extra time for any coding difficulties to be resolved.

Different email clients

Please remember that different email clients read emails differently - and it can be tricky with some htmls to get them to display uniformly accross all clients.  Schools.co.uk sets up your emails and routinely tests them in Livemail, Outlook, gmail and webmail.

What makes one advert work better than another

If you would like some guidance on what makes some email advertisements work while others fail, we have a series of short articles on this topic under the title “How it is done” on our website.

If you have any queries please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 01604 880 927.