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Subject: Using the natural enthusiasm

What is the most effective way of embedding foreign language teaching throughout Key Stage 2?


One of the most common observations made by teachers who have introduced KS2 children to a foreign language is that at the start of this great new adventure they are excited, stimulated, interested, and keener to learn than normal.

For them, this is not another lesson in a subject that they have experienced a number of times before.  This is new and therefore, by definition, exciting.

Indeed many of the children expect to be going home after the first lesson speaking fluent French, German or Spanish to admiring and awe-struck parents.

In their vision of reality the parents won’t be able to understand them, the children will be able to communicate with each other in a secret code… This is going to be so exciting.

Unfortunately it can be hard to maintain such a heightened interest level, especially for some of your colleagues who are called upon to teach the language when they are not themselves as proficient in the foreign language as they might wish.

Thus the question arises: how can we maintain the pupils’ enhanced level of interest after the first couple of lessons?

This is the problem that we have faced head on.  And as a result we have produced a website of teaching activities, covering the whole of KS2 and linked to the KS2 Framework For Languages' objectives.

Using a variety of games and songs, our website supports the class teacher in teaching French, German or Spanish.  There is additionally a tracking system which allows you to follow and, where appropriate, reward pupil progress.

If you would like to learn more about New Languages there is an immediate opportunity on the website – just click “Try Now” at   www…………………….  

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Tony Attwood